Planning your wedding on your own?

Live Events

Live events are so fun! Come join the Stress Free Bride at a live community event. Live events are a great way to get ideas and advice for all your wedding needs.

Online Wedding Planning Masterclasses

In this first part of a masterclass series, I will share with you a secret weapon that can cut your planning stress dramatically.  Whether you live in a big city, or small town, this little known free service will help you with vendor selections and negotiations.  This is a confidence builder, even if you have never planned anything aside from a good girls night out.

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Do you like the Masterclass material?  Then you will love the full course. Get all of the masterclasses rolled into one. The Bride Guide is an A-Z blueprint for planning your wedding. I teach smart, independent brides like yourself money, time, and stress saving insider event planning secrets I have learned as an event planner over the past 20 years.

Course coming in Spring 2018

 Individual Coaching

Let’s chat.  I offer a free 30 minute session so couples can decide if working with me is right for them.  What is the most frustrating thing you face as you plan your wedding? What has taken you by surprise? In our chat you can share anything that is keeping you from having the wedding you always hoped for.  When I understand more about you and what you are looking for, I can better advise you as you plan the wedding of your dreams.

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