Who is in charge here anyways?

Have you ever been at a wedding where you wondered that very thing? At your wedding your family and friends are there to celebrate with you.  It is really important that while you are getting ready, in the receiving line, taking photos with your wedding party, and let’s not forget exchanging vows with your beloved, someone needs to be directing things. Someone needs to be making sure there is enough seating, food, drinks, etc. Keep stress at bay, and enjoy the day more, by having a day of coordinator.  At Stress Free Bride, we are pleased to have guest blogger and Day-of-Coordinator, Valonda Calloway, tell the story of how she came to work with brides. 

I didn’t want to be a Day-Of Wedding Coordinator.

You’re probably asking yourself, “then why are you doing it?” That’s fair. I’m doing it because I was forced to. Since 2006, I’ve been a wedding MC. That means I make announcements at weddings while my husband Randal serves as the DJ. In the early days, we ran into so many situations where the Bride planned the wedding herself and asked an aunt, cousin, or church secretary to be the coordinator. Then there were the instances where the Bride thought the venue coordinator would handle everything, oh and let me not forget the Bride who didn’t appoint anyone to make sure the day would go as it should.

In each of the above scenarios, I had weddings that went well and I had others that would have been a disaster if I hadn’t swooped in with my magical MC powers. I guess because I hold a microphone and carry a clipboard I look like I know what I’m doing so everyone from the Bride and Groom, to the venue coordinator, to the photographer would come to me with their questions. They’d ask about things such as where the bridal party should stand after they’re announced, which ballroom door the bride and groom would enter from, why the Ushers are being announced but the Hostesses aren’t. A lot of times I could easily give answers, others times I could not. I found myself doing a lot more than MCing. I was making important decisions and getting involved in what should have been family business or the business of hired help and I wasn’t getting paid for it. That’s when my husband said to me “you need to get paid for all the work you’re doing.” That’s how I became a Day-Of Wedding Coordinator. I am not a wedding planner and I don’t desire to be one. I have a lot of respect for the great wedding planners I know.

If you choose to plan your own wedding, please know that you’ll have a lot less stress if you hire a professional to be a Day-Of Wedding Coordinator. It’s an investment worth the money to not have to deal with all the questions as well as the big and small details on your big day.  Weddings are full of emotion, good and bad. The last thing you want is to lose your temper with someone you love because things aren’t going the way you planned. I’ve seen that happen and it’s not pretty. Nor would I want you to not be able to fully enjoy your day because you’re busy executing your wedding plans. If a family member or a friend asks, “what can I do to help” or offers to pay for something, point them to a Day-Of Wedding Coordinator.

Valonda Calloway, TV personality, event MC, dance instructor, and former Washington Redskins Cheerleader, is also a self-professed weddings addict. She attends weddings almost every weekend as part of her family’s DJ business 360 Elite Entertainment, and after having to step in to prevent many a wedding day disaster, she now offers a day of wedding coordination services.  Check out her blog www.BehindIDo.com for behind the scenes tips and tricks on weddings.