Learn how to navigate the #1 wrecker of relationships – money!

Brought to you by the Center for Financial Social Work

How can you fight your way out of the power struggle between men and women or savers and spenders? What can you do to disconnect from harmful financial and emotional behavior and reconnect with your partner? How can you recognize that there is a problem?

Watch to learn how to re-romanticize your relationship while discussing money. Learn how to spot the addiction of financial infidelity, and then learn how to treat it. In this video we will offer specific tools and effective solutions to help you address money and the threat it poses on your relationships.

Being at odds with your spouse to be over finances can make you wonder if getting married is the right thing to do.  This webinar presented by the Center for Financial Social Work sheds light on the root causes of money fights and how to address them.  This is a long one, but the information shared can help in the planning stages as well as you life together after the wedding.

What will you learn?

– Why is money a hot button issue?
– Why do opposites attract in managing and spending money?
– The 8 stages of a relationship and how to reach love despite the struggle over money.
– How are money and power dynamics intrinsically connected?
– How do I navigate the inevitable power struggle?
– How do familial relationships to money affect you and your partner now?
– How do I spot and treat the addiction of financial infidelity? Can financial infidelity become infidelity?
– How is credit card debt and financial mismanagement connected to the brain?

The Center for Financial Social Work’s mission is to empower individuals to make long-term financial behavioral changes and to educate, assist and support professionals who wish to provide a strength based, psychosocial approach to financial empowerment for their clients. The goal of the Center for Financial Social Work is to pick up where other economic/financial literacy models fail by incorporating education, motivation and support on an on-going basis. To facilitate it’s mission and goal, the Center utilizes a unique behavioral approach to financial change and financial empowerment along with supporting services and products.