Why We Share Wedding Planning Secrets:

So YOU can take the power back from the wedding industry!

Early in my career I was a bridal consultant in dress shop. I got to see brides in the early planning stages of their weddings and was part of one of the most important planning decisions they made.

Over the next 20 years I planned events both large and small. And during those 20 years of planning events I uncovered an ugly truth – behind closed doors event industry people really bash brides.

It’s true! And one night while watching a popular courtroom TV show, that ugly truth came to light, a spark was lit, and EVERYTHING changed.

A young couple was suing a wedding planner. This hack planner charged the couple $1400 for nothing more than a cake tasting and the name and number of a hairdresser.

The case was eventually thrown out due to lack of contract, and the vile wedding planner slithered away scott free!

What unscrupulous wedding planners and vendors are doing is wrong.

I made a vow then and there to help as many brides as I can stay out of their traps.

My mission is to equip YOU to take back the power from the wedding industry. So you can enjoy your engagement and this new season of life.

In addition to my event planning experience, you should know that I am a fully trained Peer Counselor with the International Center for Women’s Ministries, and I am currently studying to be a Marriage and Family Therapist at Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary.

Consider me to be a trusted friend, your older sister, or favorite aunt who can help you on a personal and practical level as you plan your wedding.

Save yourself unnecessary headache, heartache and stress by joining the Stress Free Bridal Party today. When you join today, you will get my FREE wedding planning resource “5 tips for the Ovewhelmed Bride”. Use this resource to create your wedding vision and avoid falling into expensive traps.

Secret #1– When you have a plan, you’ll save money!


What you’ll learn from us

So many wedding planning resources are focused on inspiration.  Its mostly about fashion, decor, style, food, and how to collaborate with friends and family about what inspires you.  What is missing is the “how to” that helps brides go beyond inspiration.

Stress Free Bride is a resource for inspired, but overwhelmed brides as they negotiate, plan and coordinate logistics –  tasks normally taken by a wedding planner.  We teach Do-It-Yourself brides the business end of wedding planning.

Through an A-Z blueprint for wedding planning we teach brides money, time, and stress saving insider event planning secrets based on 25 years of event planning experience. We couple this with coping skills learned through Peer Counseling training and study in Marriage and Family Therapy to assist our clients navigate what research calls one of  top 10 most stressful things a person experiences – getting married. Brides learn from us through live events, webinars, online courses, and private coaching.

Secret #2– When you know what the pro’s know, you’ll save time!


Hope Venetta

Your Stress Free Bride Guide

As a veteran event planner, I am proud to be a trusted authority for the DIY bride.  I understand that planning a wedding is about so much more than the dress, the cake, and the ring. I help smart, independent brides just like you plan the wedding of their dreams.   Be sure to join the email list for insider wedding planner secrets I have learned over the last 20 years.  Brides that work with me can also benefit from my training as a peer counselor to help them through the relationship issues with friends and family that planning a wedding can bring to the forefront.

Secret #3– When you keep your focus on what really maters, you’ll preserve your sanity and enjoy the planning!